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YouTube Promotions Increase Traffic

Discussion in 'Webmaster Articles' started by Dukie, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Dukie New Member

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    Jun 13, 2011
    YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the web. Yes, I mean one of the most, almost number one! I'm sure everyone who has ever even been on the web, visited YouTube at least once. I hear my friends talking and sharing videos on Facebook, I even see people bringing up YouTube in real life.

    Well, why not take advantage of it, in order to increase traffic to your website? It's not as complicated as it might seem.

    First check YouTube for videos that might relate to your niche. For example, if you have a website on dogs, check youtube for videos on dogs. First check to see which type of dog videos are popular, are they about grooming? Dog food? Clothing or dog shows? etc.

    Once you do this research, make your own video that has an element of that. For example you can do a how-to video, which shows your visitors how to properly groom a dog. You can be specific, maybe even make the video for a specific dog type, like a German shepherd.

    Before you upload it to YouTube, make sure every part of the video has a link to your website. You can add maybe a little text on the bottom, that reads something like this, "Learn how to properly groom your dog at www.yourdomain.com"

    You can also use YouTube to add a hovering text link that leads directly to your website. Also, don't forget to add your link and a description of your site in the YouTube about box. Finally, make sure you get your tagging right and be sure to share your video with friends, family, and Facebook :)

    Good luck!
  2. JoySEO New Member

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    Mar 26, 2012
    Thats a good read. We can also watermark software to water mark the URL. Also if your are using dog niche create a separate id for that and post all your dot related video's on it so that while it playes users will see your own videos as suggestion it will increase your view count. Also promoting video using social media will be good.

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