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Post Exchange Rules

Discussion in 'Forums' started by Dukie, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. Dukie New Member

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    Jun 13, 2011

    This exchange is to be used to create more content in your forums. In order to do this, two or more webmasters of a forum pair up and register at each others communities.

    They post the same amount of posts, with same quality, at each others forums. This will help bring more activity and content to each others forums, which will attract more visitors, thus members.

    Basic Example:

    Webmaster A posts up a post exchange wanted topic on this forum. Webmaster B responds to the topic and agrees to take part. They come up with a number of posts they each will post in each others forum. The forums do not need to be on the same topic but it helps if webmaster A knows the niche of the forum owned by webmaster B and vice verse. They then began the exchange and continue it if they feel like they are getting good results (it may take time to see real results).

    But mainly, this will help populate a forum and that will bring in traffic and users.


    1. Only one topic about one forum! Members are only allowed to have an exchange for one forum at a time and on one topic. New topics should be made if there is a new forum.

    2. You must follow come through, meaning if someone posted on your forum and you are expected to post on his, you must do this! You can't change your mind afterwards, unless you have a damn good reason! Please contact a moderator if that is the case. Anyways, failure to comply will lead to a ban from the post exchange board.

    3. This forum is not responsible for anything that happens on your forum. Meaning don't come crying if you trust someone and give them admin rights. Two days later you found out you're banned from your own forum. Never do this!

    4. We advice you to follow this format when posting for an exchange in this board:

    Good luck.

    Dr. Deejay: Please use [Exchange] tags in your topic title :)
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