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Free Hosting

Discussion in 'Trash' started by Dukie, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Dukie New Member

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    Jun 13, 2011
    Forumscripts is now offer free hosting to those looking to run SMF powered forums. This is a special type of free hosting, which will provide your growing community, with the stable environment to develop in.


    - Allowed to request custom modifications, which will be installed to your forum.
    - Allowed to request installation of custom themes from SMF theme site and other websites.
    - Unlimited topics and posts! (Without media content)
    - 500 MB of Media storage (Such as attachments, gallery images, etc.)
    - Forum SEO'd by me for better ranking.
    - Access to hosted members board at http://forumscripts.info
    - Permission to add your own advertisement from adsense, and other ad companies.
    - And much more!

    The Catch:

    - No warez, hacking, any type of illegal websites allowed.
    - Linkback to forumscripts placed on your forum.
    - One small Ad space on your forum.

    Hosting Environment:

    Server Details
    At least 4 GB RAM Xeon Server.
    Shared Environment with automated backups.
    Centrally located in Kent Science Park, United Kingdom.

    Network Details
    Multiple 1 gbps network hookups.

    Get it Now!

    Get this free hosting plan now by contacting me by personal messaging. Please include these info in your PM:

    Forum Genre:
    Short descripition of the forum you want to make:
    How will you make it successful?:
    Your experience:

    And that's it :)

    NOTE: In order to keep the server stable, only 3 spots are open on my UK hosted server at this time. So, send me a PM fast!

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